Land of Dark and Light

It’s not sunset out there, I must remind myself. Sunset won’t happen for a few hours yet, and it will never be the kind of golden-hour light I’d see back in Texas.

But the shadows are long–the valleys between buildings and hills become pockets which never warm. It looks and feels like sunset. It’s afternoon.

The sun isn’t setting. It’s just not rising much, either.

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Farewell 2015

It was an exciting year, to be sure. I finished up my Zell Postgraduate Fellowship at the University of Michigan and moved to Norway. I visited the lookout at Sand Mountain, put my toes in the McKenzie river I’m named for, and went to London for the first time. I celebrated my first 17th of May in Trondheim, set up my first photo booths, and shot portraits of my friends and loved ones. We went back to Lisbon and got engaged. I’m grateful for the year behind me, and so looking forward to the year ahead. Here are some of my favorite memories of 2015.

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