Writing Workshops

Writers, to arms!

Hone craft, explore and explode genre, and gain valuable feedback.

Alternative Writers Workshops

4 weeks of class and critique for $99
  • Materials & Lectures

    Via a password-protected webspace you will receive access to instructions, lectures, and exercises. You will also access reading material and activity material corresponding to your lessons and critiques.

  • Critique & Feedback, Group Exercises, and Collaboration / Writing Community

    (4x) weekly critiques from both Kenzie and peers (limit of 5 in a critique group), as well as collaboration opportunities within group and individual exercises, and access to communal space for questions, requests for feedback, and idea sharing.

  • Work at your own pace, from anywhere

    Rather than “meeting” for class, new material is posted and requested from participants according to a flexible schedule providing for varying workdays. Critiques are scheduled weekly (mostly taking advantage of weekend time) with a time period for work to be posted and then for peers to respond to posted work. Email “office hours,” where participants can check in with questions during the course, are scheduled similarly, with a wide span of time so that participants kind use the part of the day that is most convenient. One to two live chats could occur, if schedules permit, on key topics.

  • Build your portfolio, and your craft.

    By the end of the course, you and your peers will have generated work, gained theory and craft background, and will have seen work vetted and critiqued by peers and a post-grad editor. You and your peers will also have contributed to (and will receive) a document of reflection, thoughts on craft, and resources (the fabled “Big Doc O’ Stuff”).

Topics include:

Pre-MFA Portfolio Workshop (includes SOP review) in Poetry

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Reinventing Text: Conceptual Art & Visual Poetry

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New Media & Multimodal Composition: Methods & Tools (2 week / add-on)

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Generative Workshop (multi-genre)

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Note: Costs cover materials, office hours and personalized critiques, and access to and maintenance of the course site and course community. This is not an accredited university course, and you will not be receiving a grade or certification.

Instead, this is a MFA-guided and formalized workshop, an extension of my editorial services and love of teaching composition & creative writing as a GSI at the University of Michigan, and it represents a space in which to study subjects which, to my experience, have sometimes been hard to find in the world of currently offered formal and informal writers’ workshops. My goal is to use my background in various fields and genres to provide guidance and materials for subjects which may help toward portfolios, the MFA application, or which exist on the fringes of genre and media.

It is my hope to continue to provide updates to materials, to provide a space for you to meet with and collaborate with fellow writers, to incorporate guest contributions and materials, and to tailor these offerings toward the needs of participants, after the end of each course. To read the rules and caveats, click here >>

To inquire about dates, ask questions, or see about signing up, please use this form:

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