For Writers

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  • Line Edits & Editorial Feedback

    Need feedback on a poem, piece, line, paragraph, chapter, or website? Get an editorial eye on your work and detailed attention to your goals.

  • Manuscript, Sample & Materials Review

    Have a manuscript, sample or portfolio you’d like to develop through several rounds of edits? This feedback will speak in terms of the collection as well as the poem or piece at hand.

  • One-on-One Masterclasses

    Want to supercharge your study of craft? With one-on-on coaching you can develop an independent study that meets your goals for taking your work further through suggested readings, discussions, and detailed, instructive feedback on your work.

  • Writing Workshops

    These are guided group workshops meeting online over the span of several weeks, with the intention of discussing and critiquing submitted work and readings, and developing and generating new work in response to prompts and discussions. They feature a shared workspace and community for the “course,” and direct written instructor feedback.

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